I had a need for security camera software. iSpy is a fantastic desktop application, but I was going through a series of hacks to get it to post frames directly to amazon S3. I decided that hacking something together in the browser sounded like fun. I used Knockout.js for handling all the form data. I hacked it together on top of Addy Osmani's getUserMedia shim, but I abandoned Flash support, so a rewrite is definitely needed.


Responsive Design

It is a very basic design, but I wanted to test out the "Pure" CSS library. It looks nice and I like it, but it lacks features that makes the larger frameworks nice.


The app compares each subsequent frame to the previous frame, and if the difference is high enough, "motion is detected". For a rewrite I plan on implementing a buffer so that the app will upload an arbitrary amount of frames from before movement was detected.

Straight to S3

A security camera app that records locally, is vulnerable to theft along with any evidence it collected. A better option is to upload it immediately to Amazon. In a future update, I plan on introducing wrappers for other services, too. This was mostly a proof-of-concept.