Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop

Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop is a brick-and-mortar shop in Goldbar, WA. The project was done with Wordpress and features responsive design with some API consumption. I also created a series of tutorial videos for the "team riders" to show them how to make blog posts.


Responsive Design

I used the Bones Starter Theme to get things going quickly. It is quite good, and I heavily preferred it over the GGS(Golden Grid System) that I had used in a previous project.

Responsive Tables

Making a table of data adapt/respond to various screen widths is tricky and easily deserves it's own section as a feature.

NOAA API Consumption

The weather pages have data from NOAA. The weather data and webcam images are fetched at regular intervals using Wget in a bash script to ease the load on NOAA's servers.

Server Administration

The site is sitting on a LEMP stack in a Linode VPS.