Wedell Auto Electric

Wedell Auto Electric is a repair shop near the Green Lake area of Seattle. I decided to go with an SPA style design because the client really didn't need anything more.


Responsive Design

I went with Bootstrap for this project. An important design decision was the use of CSS backgrounds for the major image sections instead of img tags. It is just much easier to grab different image sizes based on media query instead of some crazy JS hack.

Progressively Enhanced Form

Most of the site is static content, but I still had to use some PHP (Twig and Swiftmailer) for the "Get a Quote" form. A point of pride is that the php accepts standard form data or JSON and returns an appropriate result. This makes AJAX responses to the form submission easy with a fallback for browsers with JS off.


Instead of the typical Lorem Ipsum, I decided to write realistic sounding filler text. It turns out that most of it was acceptable by the client with minor alterations, like me guessing the established year wrong.