Server Change

Well, if you use a budget vps provider you probably already know. If not, SolusVM had a major vulnerability that was exploited on a number of hosts in the past weeks. My previous provider was one of these victims. However, the vulnerability was disclosed with details of how to fix by SolusVM 1 or 2 days prior to the attack on my host.

They were also quite slow in responding to tickets with anything other than generic responses.
I’m not going to name them. I’m only going to say that I have since moved over to Digital Ocean. The KVM is a welcome upgrade over the OpenVZ that my previous host had. They are the same price but I am given half the RAM(512mb) with Digital Ocean as I had previously. That shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The thing that worries me is the excessive advertising and “unlimited” bandwidth. That screams of overselling, but currently the performance of my vps is better than the old host(SSDs matter).

I’m still holding on to the old vps for a dev environment, but I may end up ditching it since doing local dev is easy enough.