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We have a blast working on various side projects. Frontend, backend, and everything in between. The stream is focused on taking ideas and launching them. The whole process is on display and we all learn something from it. We are always looking for something new and cool to check out and demonstrate.

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  • Microsoft

    Using Azure Computer Vision to detect emotions in a video

    This was a fun collaboration. We used Azure Cognitive Services and their Face API to determine emotions. We didn't quite get as far as using a live video feed, but the implementation using mock photos and updating them on an interval was a great success. Kudos to the video editor. It encapsulates the fun we had in just the right way.

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    Hosting Polliday

    We wanted a tool like but with enough of the features I needed on top. Editing questions, Multi-selection, etc. We used Meteor and tried Galaxy, the hosted meteor solution. That didn't live up to the task so graciously sponsored the hosting. Performance is great. and spinning up docker inside the environment proved easy enough.

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